Coaching Teams. Developing Coaches.

better teams. greater impact.

While team training is a highly effective way to increase organizational impact, coaching is a long-term strategy to develop consistent effectiveness over the long-term. Coaching ensures greater team collaboration and accountability. 

We offer coaching services for managers, leaders and teams. As much as possible, we aim for our coaching to be proactive as opposed to reactive. Most importantly, our coaching is a dynamic addition to the training experiences we offer. 

We offer team and leader coaching experiences for the timeframes of 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and 18 months. Longer and shorter engagements are available upon request. 

Most importantly, we seek to help develop coaches within your team and organization. We are 

We think coaching is best when accompanied by an initial assessment and a training experience provided by Cannonball. However, if you are in need of coaching, let's talk and see if we may be a fit for your organization or team. 

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