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Cannonball is the flagship service offered by Cannonball Solutions. 


Cannonball refers to jumping off into the deep-end of the pool... All In. Holding nothing back... Every stakeholder bringing everything they have to the organization every day, every task, every meeting, every project. This corporate mentality of "All In" will help your company achieve maximum profitability, effectiveness and impact by creating a dynamic 


JC Consulting offers 5 keynotes and trainings ranging from 1/2-day, 1-day, 3-day and 5-day onsite, offsite or virtual workshop experiences to help your organization become an "All In" - Cannonball - company. 


The Cannonball Promise: We provide dynamic and highly engaging training and facilitation experiences focused on personal, leadership and culture development backed with transformation coaching and consulting to create scalable, self-directed and real leadership and team development. 

THE CANNONBALL COMPANY (For the Entire Company) 

The Cannonball Company is the ALL IN company; every stakeholder fully engaged in the mission of the organization. The Cannonball Company is a thriving organization with highly effective staffing strategies, high-performing teams, high productivity and high recruitment and retainment of exceptional and diverse talent. Sound to good to be true? We can help. 

The Cannonball Company is an organization-wide training program. In this program, we look at leadership, management and creation/innovation (front lines) and how each segment can work together to achieve greater profitability, impact and effectiveness towards the aim of the organization. 

The Cannonball Company training program can be included with a 6-month follow-up program for leaders, managers and team members to ensure continued success and alignment within the organization. 

Keynote Talks/Experiences: $1500 - $5000

Facilitation Experiences: $2500 - Unlimited Based on Company Desired Experiences, Goals & Outcomes


CANNONBALL STRATEGY (For Senior Executives & Senior HR Leaders) 

Who are you? Why do you exist? Where are you going? What does a successful outcome look like? Unfortunately, too may companies and organizations cannot answer this question. Sure, a few people at the top are able to articulate a reasonable answer, but often these answers lack clarity. Cannonball Strategy keynotes and facilitations are designed to (1) bring awareness to what strategy is and (2) help bring the key stakeholders to the table to determine the organizational strategy. 

Cannonball Strategy is designed for senior executives, senior HR leaders and board members and is available in keynote talks/experiences (45-90 minutes) or facilitation experiences (1/2 day - 5 day options available). 

Keynote Talks/Experiences: $1500 - $5000

Facilitation Experiences: $2500 - $50,000

CANNONBALL CULTURE (For Senior Executives, Senior HR Leaders and Managers)

Culture is defined as the beliefs, values, principles, behaviors, development and empowerment of the stakeholders inside and outside of the organization. In many ways, culture drives everything within the organization - profitability, effectiveness and impact. 

Cannonball Culture keynotes and training/facilitation take a broad approach to culture, looking at the issues of succession planning, career development for a multi-generational workforce, engaging and retaining talented and diverse employees and D&I (Diversity & Inclusion). 

Keynote Talks/Experiences: $1500 - $5000

Facilitation Experiences: $2500 - $50,000

CANNONBALL DIVERSITY (For Senior Executives, Senior HR Leaders, Managers and Teams)

Diversity and Inclusion is more than simply programs, policies or headcount. Organizations that place equity high on their list of priorities outpace their competitors by empowering the needs, perspectives and potential of every stakeholder within the organization. Most importantly, D & I efforts lead to greater trust among team members. 

Employees in environments that respect and value diversity and inclusion are more innovative, more creative and, overall more engaged in the efforts of the workforce. Today, more than ever, if your organization desires growth and greater effectiveness, the path begins with understanding the power of diversity and inclusion. 

We can help. Our keynotes and trainings/facilitations in the area of D&I are meant to motivate, educate and inspire your organization towards becoming welcoming in order to attract today's top talent. 

Keynote Talks/Experiences: $1500 - $5000

Facilitation Experiences: $2500 - $50,000

CANNONBALL LEADERSHIP (For Senior Executives, Senior HR Leaders & Senior Managers)

Cannonball Leadership is a leadership-based curriculum looking the 6 dimensions for exceptional leadership. The days of the Great Man Leader are long gone. Today, leaders must visionary, adept, flexible, resilient, empathetic and forward-focused in order to lead the companies of the future. Too often, leaders struggle to know where their mindset should be and how to help each layer of the organization achieve their goals and commitments. Even more, organizational leaders struggle to balance the needs of their departments/divisions with the needs of the larger organization. We can help. 

Leadership is more about mindset than action. Cannonball Leadership will help to program the mindset of your leaders towards the aim of the organization, empowering them to take a high-level view of the organizations and  where the organization is heading. 

Keynote Talks/Experiences: $1500 - $5000

Facilitation Experiences: $2500 - $50,000


Cannonball Management seeks to help the manager to navigate the tricky waters of managing-leading. As you know, managers face the greatest challenges of any group within the organization. They strive to see the bigger picture while also leading on the front-lines. In this tension, they see the ultimate vision for the organization while understanding the ground-level issues that hold back the organization. They must balance this tension while also managing people, many who struggle to be engaged on a day-to-day basis. 

It has been said, "People don't leave jobs, they leave managers." We seek to help managers learn to lead better on a practical basis - how to see opportunities to grow the employees and teams who answer to them. The position of manager is critical to the overall success of the organization. Our training can help to bring greater awareness and leadership stature to your cadre of managers. 

Keynote Talks/Experiences: $1500 - $5000

Facilitation Experiences: $2500 - $50,000

CANNONBALL TEAMS (For Managers & Teams) 

Cannonball Teams seeks to help your organization build high-performing teams. In this keynote or training, we take you through the traits of high performing teams and how your organization, leaders and managers can create and develops that are highly engaged, productive, effective and efficient. In addition, we work directly with organizational teams to push through roadblocks and help build greater trust among teammates. 

We believe the team is the single most important unit of your organization. Cannonball Teams is designed to work with teams from all levels of the organization. From executive teams, management teams or the front-line teams working towards customer service, creation and innovation. 


Keynote Talks/Experiences: $1500 - $5000

Facilitation Experiences: $2500 - $50,000

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